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What to carry on your cruise trip?

What to carry on your cruise trip?

Port Canaveral is the second busiest cruise in the world. Cruising first time seems to be simple but rather it is bit complicated than that. The cruise line takes care of almost all the things but there are few things that cruisers have to look themselves. These small incidentals can spoil your vacation. But do not panic its simple to have everything you need to take care of; just follow this simple cruiser's guide to Port Canaveral. You must know what to pack and what you really want to bring with you. This little bit extra will make your trip comfortable.

Here's our list of what to pack for a cruise:

Documents: Keep all your travel documents with your luggage. When it's time to board the cruise, carry these documents on to the cruise.

Toiletries: Although port Canaveral offers basic hygiene equipment. But it's difficult to find good selection of toiletries on board. Although there is soap squished dispenser bolted to the shower wall but cruisers must bring their favorite soap and shampoo along.

Noise Blocker: As Canaveral is the world largest cruise the crowd is little heavier. A cruise ship never goes to sleep. Either the cruisers are partying, even if the party is over the staff has to prepare things for the next day. Moreover some people sleep like rocks, so it's better to carry noise blockers with you.

Weapons restricted: Do not carry any weapons or anything dealing with fire. Scissors, guns, knives, batons, candles, incense, clothes iron and flammable liquids are prohibited. Alcohol is also restricted.

Refillable Water Bottle: Cruisers pay times and again for water bottles. Save those extra bucks by carrying refillable water bottle with you. Fill the water at soda fountain and stay hydrated.

Door Rack: Cruise is a busy place. Keep all your articles safe. You can use this door rack for shoes and keep yourself organized.

Neck Wallet: This is one important thing that one must carry along. Your passport is one indispensable item that determines whether you can go on or off the cruise terminal. Keep all your important documents and bucks in this neck wallet.

Do not over pack: Over packing can hit your pocket. Adjust your stuff in a mannered way. Do not pack too many clothes.

Alarm Clock: Many rooms are not equipped with clocks. Cruisers who do not want to miss anything and make an early appointment are suggested to carry alarm clocks with them.

Day Bag: When you are on a vacation obviously you want to bring the memories of that place with you. You want to buy many new things and bring those things with you. So carry a gay bag for your convenience.

Transportation means: Be on time. Opt luxury transportation from Orlando airport to Port Canaveral so that you do not miss your cruise. You can also book limo transportation from Orlando airport to Cape Canaveral.

Sun Screen: Sun burns are the worst things that one can think of, carry sun screen with you to fight those UV harmful sun rays. Protect your skin from tanning.

First Aid Kit: Sea is the only place where you cannot get easy medical support. If you are suffering from any diseases, carry your important medicines with you. You will not acquire prescription medication if you need to. Carry bandages, gauze and other disinfectant that are safe.

The 3-1-1 rule: which states that you can only bring liquids in quantities, with one bag per passenger, does not apply to cruise ships.

Duct Tape: Duct tape is the world's greatest fixer. You can fix your door shoe rack, fix your shower curtain, and block the light from coming inside and remove lint from your clothes.

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